School Community

Collective Commitments for Parents

Empowered by the Spirit, we at St Mary’s live, learn and grow as disciples of Jesus in a nurturing Catholic community.

We can contribute positively to the pursuit of our school’s vision and the success of our children when we do the following:

Support the Catholic ethos of our school by:

  • Participating in school/weekend masses
  • Learning the school prayer
  • Modelling respect and reverence during school prayer and masses
  • Supporting the sacramental programs
  • Leading by example catholic values at home
  • Being families of hope and being positive about our faith
  • Fostering the prayer life of your child
  • Teaching them the importance of trusting relationships where the innate dignity of the individual is valued
  • Being positive, hope-filled people who value the differences in others

Support our school and become actively involved in the life of the school by:

  • Participating in school Masses, functions etc
  • Volunteering to help at school functions and activities, e.g. carnivals, discos, reading, fundraisers, canteen
  • Involvement in the P&F
  • Ensuring my child wears the correct uniform
  • Positively promoting St Mary’s in the school and wider community
  • Being an advocate for our school
  • Welcoming new families and introducing new parents to our group of friends
  • Attending representative events, e.g. Sporting occasions
  • Supporting wider school community events, e.g. Anzac Day

Make learning a priority with our child by:

  • Allocating time for homework within our family
  • Engaging in conversation about daily learning and classroom activities
  • Encouraging and positive reinforcement of successes and efforts
  • Establishing reading patterns at home
  • Expecting your child’s best
  • Ensuring attendance is regular
  • Being involved as a parent/family in as many school activities as possible
  • Encouraging a balance between after-school leisure commitments (e.g. dance, sport) and after-school learning commitments (e.g. homework)
  • Devoting special attention to areas of difficulty for your child
  • Letting your child see you continuing to learn

Help our children become responsible and resilient members of the school community by:

  • Teaching our children to accept responsibility for their own behaviour (owning their behaviour)
  • Actively encouraging children through positive feedback and praise
  • Allowing them to make mistakes and accept appropriate consequences
  • Modelling responsible and resilient behaviour as parents
  • Setting clear rules/boundaries at home
  • Children and parents understanding and supporting school rules
  • Practising independent skills
  • Teaching positive self talk
  • Respecting and accepting others differences
  • Teaching strategies to deal with change
  • Demonstrating respect, kindness and cooperation in our interactions with others and expecting our children to do the same

Become informed of school happenings by:

  • Talking (actively discussing) with and listening to my child
  • Reading all correspondence/newsletters
  • Participating in parent information sessions (and, where possible, morning/weekly assemblies)
  • Talking with other parents/class parents
  • Attending P&F Meetings
  • Participating in parent/teacher interviews
  • Responding promptly to correspondence

Engage in open and timely communication with the school by:

  • Participating in parent teacher meetings/interviews
  • Participating in information nights
  • Approaching the classroom teacher (make appointment) as the first point of call to discuss any concerns
  • Advising the teacher of any absences, special circumstances at home, needs of my child
  • Acknowledging, valuing and respecting the professional feedback provided by the school
  • Being proactive in asking questions, expressing concerns and seeking information in a manner that reflects deep respect for all concerned